A New Year

  1. Growing up, even thinking of what 2001 would hold seemed like sci fi. The dystopian science fiction film, “Blade Runner,” released in 1982, predicted a 2019 where genetically engineered replicants and flying cars were commonplace. Yet here we are, just 4 years short of that world, and nary a household android in sight. Although we do have the Roomba, and it’s many delights.    roomba cat

But things have changed a great deal in my years on the planet. What seemed to be set in stone wasn’t. The women who wore garter belts and stockings embraced pantyhose; manual typewriters morphed into electronic keyboards; the massive ENIAC computer shrank to tablet size. Yes, the world of technology reinvented the things we took for granted. It also changed how we saw each other.

looking at phone

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